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16/01/20 HighLow Radio Official Streamer Program
Dear Listeners,
HighLow Radio is Looking for Official Streamers.

What does this mean?
Well it means that HighLow Radio is Looking for Official Streamers to have us on ...
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02/11/19 Blogging on Hold
As of now, the blogging system is currently On Hold.
This is due to a lack of members within the blogging and research team currently, along with issues occurring within the staff team. Read More
17/09/19 We are on TruckyBot
HighLow Radio have now advanced onto other platforms, for example, TruckyBot!
We recently reached out and got our radio station on their Discord Bot, so if you would prefer the benefits to Virtua...
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17/09/19 Blogging System Released
It's Official! The HighLow Radio Blogging System has been released (finally)! After a few hundred lines of code, and small amounts of recruitment in our Blogging & Research Team, we are now allowing t... Read More