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Blogging System Released
It's Official! The HighLow Radio Blogging System has been released (finally)! After a few hundred lines of code, and small amounts of recruitment in our Blogging & Research Team, we are now allowing them to post to the blog, which has now been made public to everyone.
The intention of the blog is to allow everyone to see our latest news, updates and other things, all without having to join our Discord or follow on Social Media. You can check at any time that suits you, and it might be something you want to check when you start listening!
Tweets and Discord announcements will be posted when Blogs are released, in the case you wanted to keep up-to-date with the latest on HighLow Radio.

Did I mention we are still recruiting for our Blogging & Research Department? Take a look over at The Research Application if you want to become apart of an amazing team of people, researching news for Presenters, and posting Blogs for the listeners.
Although only in English Now, Translations will be coming soon, so if you speak multiple languages, let Ethan B. know on Discord (He can be easily found in Our Discord Server) and we will consider how you can help!
If you have any suggestions, Our Discord Server is the place to be. We have a suggestions channel that all the staff is open to. All suggestions are voted upon and are always considered.

We look forward to your feedback!