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Welcome to the HighLowRadio Research Team Application. Before we start, we will need to confirm a few things with you in the form of these requirements. If you meet all of them, feel free to apply. We also have some recommendations which will give you a higher chance of being approved.
PlEASE NOTE: This is not a Presenter Application, this is the Research Team application, and you will not be going live unless you apply to become a presenter, as well.
  • Be active in the Discord Everyday
  • Have the ability to maintain professionalism.
  • Have valid research sources, and know how to legally use and cite them.
  • Be able to write in a professional manner, along with writing transcripts, moderation and blog posts.
  • Have the ability to speak English Fluently.
  • Good speaking and writing skills.
  • Be the age of 15 or Over.
  • Previous Writing/Research Experience.
  • A fast, reliable computer, or a fully able mobile device.
  • A likable persona/personality.
Your Real Name: Your Email: Your Age: Country of Residence: Discord name and discriminator: About yourself: Prior Experiences: How did you hear about us? If appliciable, What are your preferable sources? By submitting this application, you agree to have your data kept and processed with agreement to the European GDPR and DPA.
You agree you have read, and agree to all the requirements, and that you fit all of those areas.
You agree that all information provided here is 100% correct, and failure to provide correct information will lead to removal from the application process.
You agree to have your application viewed by multiple members of the management team, along with people they feel necessary, although, will never been shown to any member outside of the staff team.
You agree to minimum activity requirement set forth within the community.
You agree to maintain a professional standard within the community and show a good standard within it.
You agree to a non-disclosure agreement and will maintain that non-disclosure agreement fully throughout and after your time as a staff member
You agree not to copy and paste articals
You agree that you have read this small section that defines what you agree.